Visual Art

16 Works of Brom

Brom, also known as Gerald Brom, is an American artist and illustrator best known for his work in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres. He has created artwork for numerous books, video games, and other media, and has developed a large following among fans of dark and gothic art.

Brom began his career as a commercial artist, creating artwork for advertising and editorial clients. In the 1980s, he began to focus on creating fantasy and horror artwork, and his work was soon noticed by publishers in the gaming and book industries. He has since created cover art and interior illustrations for many popular books and games, including “The Plucker,” “Krampus: The Yule Lord,” and the “Dungeons & Dragons” game.

In addition to his work as an illustrator, Brom has also written and illustrated several books of his own, including the dark fantasy novels “The Child Thief” and “The Devil’s Rose,” and the art book “Darkwerks.” His artwork is known for its intense, detailed style, often featuring disturbing or unsettling imagery that reflects his interest in gothic and horror themes.

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