Visual Art

14 Works of Remedios Varo

María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga Varo y Uranga1 (Anglès, Gerona, Spain, December 16, 1908 – Mexico City, October 8, 1963), known as Remedios Varo, was a Spanish surrealist painter, writer, and graphic artist.
She was one of the first women to study at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. In 1932 she settled in Barcelona, where she worked as an advertising designer, joining the Catalan surrealist group Logicofobista. In 1937 she traveled to Paris with the French surrealist poet Benjamin Péret and in 1941, with the arrival of the Nazis in the French capital, she went into exile in Mexico. She never returned to Spain.
Varo’s work evokes a world born of his imagination where the scientific, the mystical, the esoteric and the magical are mixed.
Contrary to what is believed and taken for granted, Remedios Varo never acquired Mexican nationality, retaining her Spanish nationality, although she never wanted to return to her homeland, unlike her friend Leonora Carrington who did become a citizen of the American country.

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