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12 Works of Enki Bilal

Enki Bilal (Belgrade, Oct. 7, 1951) is a cartoonist of Bosnian-Czech descent who lives and works in France. In his stories, he employs a drawing style that is realistic and characterized by flowing lines and surrealistic use of color. In doing so, he uses a variety of techniques and materials interchangeably, resulting in Bilal’s distinctive style.

In 1972 he published his first work, Le Bol Maudit, in the magazine Pilote, as a result of a competition organized by the magazine. He had previously sent samples of his work to René Goscinny who, without accepting them yet, encouraged him to persevere. At Pilote, Bilal came into contact with various artists: Bretéchér, Druillet, Giraud, Mézières….
His first works are small science fiction stories, which earned him a reputation as an imitator of Mœbius, as well as illustrations for Pilote’s current affairs pages.
In 1987, he won the Grand Prix at the Angoulême Festival.

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