Visual Art

12 Works of Sulamith Wulfing

Sulamith Wülfing (Elberfeld, January 11, 1901 – 1989) was a German artist and illustrator. She became best known for her mostly fairy-tale illustrations of mythical and religious subjects.
Wülfing was born in Elberfeld, Germany, the daughter of a post office manager and self-proclaimed theologian. Her unusual name Sulamith (the beloved of Solomon) was given to her by her deeply religious father. Because the Wülfing family belonged to the upper middle class, they were harassed by the lower classes of the town. One day, one-year-old Sulamith and her father were almost killed in such harassment by a falling stone. Thereupon the family decided to live in the outlying areas deep in nature. Young Sulamith thought her family were the only people in the world and at an early age had visions of mythical creatures.

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