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9 Works of Yannick Bouchard

Yannick Bouchard

Yannick Bouchard, also known as “Kargall,” is a talented digital illustrator and concept artist. He is known for his exceptional skills in creating stunning fantasy and science fiction artwork.

Yannick Bouchard’s illustrations often feature imaginative and fantastical worlds, mythical creatures, and epic scenes. He has a distinct style that incorporates intricate details, vibrant colors, and a sense of wonder, which has garnered him a significant following within the fantasy art community.

Bouchard has contributed his artwork to various projects, including book covers, trading card games, and other fantasy-related media. His illustrations have been featured in art books and publications that celebrate digital art and fantasy illustration.

To open a pdf with the works in your browser, click here: 9 Works of Yannick Bouchard