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11 Subversive Beauties of Luis Royo

Luis Royo

Luis Royo (born in Olalla, Teruel, in 1954) is a Spanish artist who stands out for his erotic-fantastic illustrations, sometimes including in them certain elements of science fiction. On the other hand, he also has illustrations fully futuristic and science fiction, or fantastic-epic without the need of an erotic or sexual connotation.

He studied painting and technical drawing. In parallel, he worked for several decoration studios from 1970 to 2005. Between 1972 and 1976, he was mainly involved with large format painting, participating in several solo exhibitions in different cities.

In 1978, he entered the field of comics, beginning to publish from 1981 in magazines such as 1984, Comix Internacional, Rambla and, occasionally, El Víbora, Heavy Metal and Cimoc among others. In 1999, with Norma Editorial, he launched his career in the field of illustration.

In addition to his independent works, he has collaborated on music albums such as El ángel caído (by Avalanch), album covers for gothic-black metal bands such as Graveworm, comic book covers, video game covers such as tZar and tarot cards.

Especially famous are his illustrations of actress Julie Strain for the posters of the animated movie Heavy Metal.

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