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12 Works of Milo Manara

Milo Manara, pseudonym for Maurilio Manara (Lüsen (Italy), Sept. 12, 1945) is an Italian artist, author and cartoonist.
He was born the fourth of a family of six children in Lüsen in South Tyrol near the Austrian border. From 1968 he began drawing comic strips, partly to pay for his studies in architecture in Venice. For a time he was an assistant to a sculptor, but gave this up to devote himself to his career.
As a draughtsman, besides his own style, he is known to be able to imitate the pen of many great artists. Along these lines, he was commissioned by La Perla to create a portfolio The Artist and His Model.
Having published a few historical comics, including for Larousse, he has made a name for himself worldwide mainly as an erotic cartoonist.

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