Visual Art

12 Works of Victoria Francés

Victoria Francés is a Spanish artist, illustrator, and author known for her dark and gothic-inspired artwork. She was born on October 25, 1982, in Valencia, Spain. Francés gained international recognition for her series of illustrated gothic novels, “El libro de los Portales” (The Book of Portals), which combines her hauntingly beautiful artwork with dark storytelling.

Her art style often features elegant and melancholic characters, often with a Victorian or Gothic aesthetic. She incorporates elements such as vampires, witches, ghosts, and other supernatural themes into her illustrations. Francés’ work is heavily influenced by Gothic literature, romanticism, and the Victorian era.

In addition to her novels, Francés has created a wide range of merchandise based on her artwork, including calendars, stationery, puzzles, and figurines. Her illustrations have been featured in numerous exhibitions and have gained a significant following worldwide.

Victoria Francés’ art has struck a chord with fans of the gothic and dark fantasy genres, and her distinctive style has made her a notable figure in the art world.

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