Visual Art

14 Works of Gene Pressler

Gene Pressler was an American illustrator who worked in the Art Deco style. He was active in the early 20th century, and his work was featured in magazines, calendars, and other publications. Pressler’s illustrations are known for their elegant and sophisticated style, and they often depict beautiful women in fashionable clothing.

Pressler’s work is still popular today, and his prints are often sold online and in antique stores. Some of his most popular works include:

“Sweet Rose of Araby” (1927)
“Goodnight Story” (1928)
“The End of a Perfect Day” (1929)
“Lady with Dog and Bird” (1930)

Pressler’s work is a valuable part of the Art Deco movement, and his illustrations continue to inspire and delight people today.

To open a pdf with the works in your browser, click here: 14 Works of Gene Pressler